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Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue to my home page.

As well as some information about myself and well known members of my Family and Favourite Web Sites, I am posting some of my Essays. One or two have been published, but mostly they were posted on Compuserve in the (Speculative) Science, Science Fiction, and Cyber Forums. I have also posted some ideas on Products of the future - somewhat far out.

NEW FOR 2002! At last I have got around to updating my site, with some Recipes for Lebanese Food, some Family Photos, and updates on family information. PLUS a report of our 5 week trip round the Cyclades in May/June 2003. FOR 2004 some updates and reports of our Interail trip round Eastern Europe, and a Western Med cruise from Barcelona to Rome. FOR 2005 a report of our mammoth Australia Trip. FOR 2006 trip reports of South Africa and the Dodecanese.

FOR 2007 some more essays, family updates and our US National Parks trip. FOR 2008 a report of our 2 month trip to New Zealand and California

I live in a small typical English village, at the foot of Bredon Hill on the edge of the Cotswold Hills. Some of the nearby towns are Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Stratford on Avon. If you are interested in house swap holidays, or have come here from the Homelink web site, then have look at my House Swap page, and there are also Pictures of our house. 

I have a maths degree from Cambridge University, and spent some twenty five years working in Computer Software and Telecommunications. I then stopped working for health reasons, but have managed to keep up my computing skills, and spent a lot of time reading (and thinking - hence the essays).

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